We are saturated daily with information. We read the news, we watch television and films, we use social media platforms. Just like everything within our daily lives, music gets lost in the shuffle. Sure, we still listen and look for new tunes to add to our playlists, but we never could know everything that is available to hear. With so much music out there to choose from, it’s easy to miss new releases or up and coming artists. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to come a little late to the party. Memphis band CAMINO, comprised of Jeffery Jordan (lead vocals/guitar), Graham Rowell (bass), Spencer Stewart (guitar/vocals), and Andrew Isbell (percussion), released their first demo 2 months ago. Entitled “YØUNG“, the single is merely an introduction to all the band is capable of.

Clocking in at 5:40, the demo progressively builds up in intensity. It begins with a bright electric guitar riff, with the lead vocal and bass joining in shortly thereafter. Jordan’s voice is clear and powerful while still maintaining a level of rawness. What seems like the first verse is actually a more relaxed version of the chorus. After this chorus, the drums kick in, creating a solid tempo for the rest of the band to follow. The percussion is light due to rim hits on the downbeat, which allows the piece to convey the feeling of movement. The original electric guitar riff is layered with occasional chord strums and individual note picks, adding to the complexity of the escalating instrumental. This instrumental section decrescendos almost into silence, with just kick drum rhythms alternating between quarter and eighth notes, separated by high hat hits backing the track. The new rhythm is reminiscent of a heartbeat and is soon incorporated with the lead vocal and the return of the guitars for the first verse.  Leading up to the chorus is a crescendo of the guitars and percussion, setting up the stage for a robust vocal including harmony courtesy of Stewart. This combination of vocals enhances the meaning behind the lyrics, like “when I think about myself have I changed, am I someone else?”.  The decrescendo along with the kick drum rhythms that transitioned from the first chorus to the first verse are reintroduced, creating an instrumental pattern that allows the listener to follow the journey. The second verse and third chorus follow a similar pattern to their predecessors. An instrumental bridge is utilized to slowly build anticipation within the tune. Beginning with layered electric and bass guitar rhythms at the forefront of the melody along with downbeat hits on the high hat, this bridge transforms into a dynamic event. The lead vocals start off on a delay, preserving a more conservative sound.  However, this doesn’t last for very long. The vocal evolves into a full band affair, as harmonies are added to further convey the lyric “the more I learn, the less I know, the more I feel, the less I show”. During this explosion within the vocal line, Isbell becomes more prominent on the drums. His consistency drives home the emotion behind the collaborative bridge. There is seemingly a brief moment of silence, with only the electric guitar chord lingering in the air, as Jordan enters the final chorus.  His vocal is soon met by the complete band, playing with the same forcefulness of the instrumental in the bridge. The group harmony version of the lyrics in the bridge are layered underneath the final chorus, as Jordan experiments with his extensive range and incorporates some runs.  “YØUNG” concludes in a full circle format, with the original electric guitar riff and the heartbeat-like kick drum rhythm bringing the song to a close.

“YØUNG” music video

With ages ranging from 18-22, the sound that CAMINO has created is quite impressive. I believe that this demo is a clear indication of their passion and dedication towards music and their ability to continuously develop as individual musicians and as a united band, resulting in a promising future together. Jordan’s vocal brings the listener a sense of comfort and familiarity, yet is different enough to stand out from other competing or established bands. “YØUNG” describes growing up in addition to the story line of wanting to regain the one you love. With lyrics like “I thought these dreams were friends of mine, they turned to monsters in my mind” and “this isn’t what it was, back when I was young”, the band is singing and writing about what they have experienced. This makes the demo even more genuine and increases the relatability factor, especially among those in a similar age group, like myself, who are learning that life isn’t what it used to be like. The lyrics throughout the piece show a certain mastery of understanding and interpreting thoughts we all have into a creative and compelling track.

As a fellow college student, I know what it’s like to live on limited funds. CAMINO is asking fans to contribute to their Indiegogo campaign, with all donations going directly towards funding their debut EP. So if you like what you’ve heard and want to support an emerging, independent band, check out the link to learn more. It’s never too late to become a fan, but you might as well start listening now. I guarantee that you’ll like what you hear.

Stream “YØUNG” on SoundCloud.

Stay up to date with all things CAMINO on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, YouTube, and their official website.

Join CAMINO‘s newsletter for a free download of “YØUNG“.

Contribute to CAMINO‘s Indiegogo campaign to help fund the creation of their debut EP.


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